Weekly Outlines



Oct. 22-26

Weekly Outline

Oct. 22-26

Grade 6 Ms. Murphy


Language Arts

(Ms. Murphy)

Students will continue our poetry unit and discuss types of poems. We will also be working on descriptive words in poetry. We will continue our media literacy unit and students will compare and contrast early print ads and today’s print ads and discuss this relationship. The grade sixes will continue their paragraph of the week assignments in class and spelling this week. The grade sixes will have a spelling test on Friday. We will be discussing types of conflict during our interactive notebook assignments. Students will also continue our novel study of A Wrinkle in Time as we work on our reading response assignment number 4 discussing story elements.


(Ms. Murphy)

Students will continue with Saxon this week. We will complete our daily power-ups and work on Lesson 26 through 30 this week. We will have an assessment on next Monday.

Physical Education

(Mr. Fretz)

Students will be taking part in soccer skills and games this week and cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).


(Mrs. Adamson)

This week, each student will continue working on their independent POP Art Project in class.


(Mr. Kudera)

Instrumental o Rhythm Pattern No. 1 o Mary Ann

Choral o We Need A Little Christmas

Theory o Reading leger lines


(Mme. Israil)

Grade will continue to learn about  Halloween and fall. We will keep reviewing “er” “ir” verbs.  Students will be introduced to a text book and will start our first unit about friendship and expressing emotions.

Social Studies

(Ms. Murphy)

We will continue our social studies unit of Communities in Canada: Past and Present. Students will work on a monologue assignment discussing an immigrants experience travelling to Canada.


(Ms. Murphy)

Students will continue working through our biodiversity unit this week. The grade sixes will be introduced to a project entitled “Exploring plants and animals”. We will be working on this all week.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will view their healthy eating commercials and review their nutrition quiz this week during health class.


(Mr. Kudera)

The students will continue to practice using a spreadsheet. This week they will learn

how to apply the four basic arithmetic functions.


(Ms. Khilnani)

This week they will be given their first skits to read through, we will discuss elements to the stage such as blocking etc.

Media Arts

(Mrs. Grovum)

Our theme this week is Halloween!  Students will explore explore Halloween in literature and explore the Library Centres.